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Click on the clock to the right of Motion. A window will open with your imported animations, so click and drag one into that box. Tip: The default animation will be in orange. To edit your animation settings, double click on the State To add an event to an imported animation, first select the imported animation file in your project view, then in the import settings in the inspector, select the Animations button. View the Animations section of the Import Settings for your animation fil

Importing an Animated Character Into Unity 3

Unity Tutorial - Importing Animations From Blender / Blender to UnityIn this unity tutorial number seventeen of the Lost in the Sea series, we import animati.. Importing humanoid animations Set up the Avatar. From the Rig tab of the Inspector window, set the Animation Type to Humanoid. By default, the Avatar... Configure the Avatar. If you want to check that Unity correctly mapped your model's bones to the Avatar, or if Unity... Creating an Avatar Mask.. If this video helped you, then please download my free mobile game Get On the Ball available in the App Store and Google Play! It's simple, very challengin.. English Tutorial about How to import and animate FBX file on Unity 5(English Homework Unity automatically imports all four files and collects all animations to the file without the @ sign in. In the example above, Unity imports the goober.mb file with references to the idle, jump, walk and wallJump animations automatically. For FBX files, you can export the Mesh in a Model file without its animation

This will save you hours of frustration, compared to animation editing in Unity. BTW - if these are humanoid setup animations you will not be able to edit and keep the changes in Unity. Humanoid setup is for imported animations, not internal edited/created animations. You will have to use the generic rig instead to allow for in engine editing This portion of the animation can then be played in a layer over the top of the base running or jumping animations. Masking can be applied to your build, making filesize and memory smaller. It also makes for faster processing speed because there is less animation data to blend at run-time. In some cases, import masking may not be suitable for your purposes. In that case you can use the layer settings of th Importing Game Characters in Unity for 2D Animation - YouTube. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. You're. Don't Forget to subscribe channel for more tutorials.join on Discord - https://discord.gg/k5DHMM2join FB group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/150756912602.. Generate a file with animations (tags) in Aseprite. Save that file in your Unity project. Open the tool Animation Importer from the Menu Window. Drag and drop the Aseprite asset on one of the fields according to your needs

To edit the animation, you need to select a GameObject, make sure it has an Animation component in the inspector or add it if not, assign the animation in question to the Animation list of that component, then open the animation window and select your animation. it's under the time control buttons, beside the object popup First of all create a new 3d Project in Unity an inside the Assets folder create two new folders. The Animations folder will store animations files. The Models folder will store any generic humanoid model to test the animations Basically as I understand it, as long as the rig you imported with the models/animations meets Unity's Avatar and muscle definition criteria for a humanoid character, then you should be able to use that rig and subsequent animations on other compatible models. Additionally, you probably need to check if the free models you got from Mixamo are. From the Window menu, select Animation. Dock the Animation window behind the Project window for ease of navigation. 2. Select the Sprite in the Hierarchy This blog post is essentially h ere to inform the reader on how to import your model and its animation into Unity. As a bonus, I will even show you how to trigger the animation with a simple left.

Unity - Manual: Animation events on imported clip

So my animations are not importing into unity properly, they are there i just cannot see them under the animation tab in the import settings. This is the model tab, Notice the animations are present in the project view. This is the Rig tab set up as a Humanoid And this is the animation tab with no way of editing the animations length or loop. Is this a Unity issue or a Blender issue, Ive been. Learn how to import animations. Unreal Engine 4 Documentation > Working with Content > Importing Content > FBX Content Pipeline > FBX Import How-Tos > How To Import Animations How To Import Animations When Unity imports Model files that contain Humanoid Rigs and Animation, it needs to reconcile the bone structure of the Model to its Animation. It does this by mapping each bone in the file to a Humanoid Avatar so that it can play the Animation properly. For this reason, it is important to carefully prepare your Model file before importing into Unity The simplest way to do so is to select the rigged sprite and open the Animation window (Window > Animation > Animation). From here, you will be prompted to create an Animator component, and the first Animation Clip for this game object Unity will not import all animations unless you go into the installation for EACH version of Unity that you have installed and change the bake_anim_use_all_actions=True line. Again, every time you download a new version of Unity you have to manually change this - it's totally absurd that this isn't just a project/asset preference setting

Drag and drop the file into Animation Importer in Unity; Watch steps 2, 3 and 4 from the above list happen automatically right before your eyes; That's it. It was such a lifesaver for us that we decided to shout about it from the internet's rooftops. So here's a tutorial on how to use Animation Importer in your pixel art project. In this tutorial we will make a character in Aseprite. In Unity, animations are made of a few things: Some animation clips defining keyframes for each animated property. An animation controller which is a state machine handling the transitions and order of all the clips for an object (or a prefab). To lighten things a bit, we have separated this tutorial in two parts as there are many topics to cover

Click the Slice button and Unity will slice the sprite-sheet into five individual frames of animation. Now drag them from the Project tab into the Animation tab. Your Animation window should now look like this image. In the Animation window, change the Samples value to 12. This will allow for 12 frames per second of animation. This will appear like a frantic but discernible running motion. Open the animator window. Click on the game object that has the animation. In the animator window for that game object, the original animations you set should still be there. Click on one of them. In the inspector, there is a property called Motion where the animation from your new animation folder should be. Drag and drop it there and it. The Animation Rigging package for Unity 2019.1 enables users to set up procedural motion on animated skeletons at runtime. You can use a set of predefined animation constraints to manually build a control rig hierarchy for a character or develop your own custom constraints in C#. This makes it possible to do powerful things during gameplay such as world interactions, skeletal deformation. In this project, Unity Animation Fundamentals, you'll learn in detail the very basics of animating in Unity. First, you'll discover how to set up your files for the animator. Next, you'll dive into making very basic c# script for your animator. Finally, you'll have a character that can play an idle animation, run, and jump. When you're finished with this Unity animation project, you'll be able to very easily create an idle to run state, but also be very confident anytime you need to use. I have not used mecanim yet, but I have made animations (created in Unity), they are saved as .anim files (I think). If you have them, click on it and there is an option where you can specify if you want the animation to loop. As I said, I don't know if with mecanim there's another way, but this is how I made for the music - EoD Apr 2 '14 at 11:11. I'm voting to close this question as off.

Importing Animations. Before a character model can be used, it must first be imported into your project. Unity can import native Maya (.mb or .ma) and Cinema 4D (.c4d) files, and also generic FBX files which can be exported from most animation packages (see this page for further details on exporting). To import an animation, simply drag the model file to the Assets folder of your project Bit Animation Editor Importer for Unity. Import your Bit projects directly to Unity converted to prefabs, animations and 2D sprites on the fly. Setup. In Bit Animation Editor - Export your project or the example project as a bundle. In Unity - Open the Package Manager from the Window menu. In Unity - Select Add package from git URL

The particle system animation, when played on the Timeline, looks very cool in Blender. Now I'm wondering how, or if I even can, to properly bring it into Unity and basically turn it into particles within Unity. I was hoping i'd be able to create a Shuriken Particle System in Unity, using the exported Blender file as the mesh shape Prior to the introduction of Mecanim, Unity used a simpler animation system. For backward compatibility, this system is still available. The main reason for using legacy animation is to continue working with an old project without the work of updating it for Mecanim. However, it is not recommended that you use the legacy system for new projects. Working with legacy animations. To import a. I don't think unity can provide as much animation options as Flash (plz correct me if I am wrong) So I have only two options - Import swf in to Unity OR generate sprite sheet from Flash which is compatible with Unity. I tried many sprite sheet options in Flash but Unity cannot read it well.Unity reads the images from the sprite sheet but misses. Making animations with Unity 2D (1/2) The new sprite. The sprite is made of multiple images: a body, the eyes and some additional stuffs. Import the image in... Boss object. To have the proper configuration, create an empty game object. Name it Boss. Add a Rigidbody 2D... Animation clips..

Unity 5 - Importing Animations From Blender / Blender to

Then you importen the animation, right? Have a look at this link : answers.unity3d.com/questions/9153/ . The animation might be read-only if you imported the fbx. In the second commend, that guy says that You can use an editor script that copies over the curves from the original imported Animation Clip into the duplicated Animation Clip 3D Animations. Add movement to your gaming project with our collection of 3D animation options. Search through thousands of available animation assets covering basic to advanced motions and movements. Find the models to match the movements on our 3D characters page. 1-24 of 754 results. Sort by Assets can be imported as prefabs for maximal reuse, as GameObjects for quick experimentation, or as Timeline clips if the asset represents an animation clip that only needs to be used in conjunction with Timeline. Imported assets always have a root object with a UsdAsset component. This component retains a path to the source USD file, which can be a relative project path or an absolute path to any valid file location. In this way, typical Unity project-centric workflows and large. Unity can import 2D assets either as individual files, where each UI element or frame of an animation is an individual file, or many assets grouped together in a single image (often referred to as a Sprite Sheet, or Sprite Atlas) It took me a while to figure out how to animate an image from the animator in the Unity UI. Since that is what OP seems to be asking, I wanted to post my solution for those that are interested. Just attach to a gameobject with animator and image components. Animators can be exchanged and refreshed with th

With Rokoko's animation and motion capture tools, you have two options of how to work with your data in Unity. You can either export a file from Rokoko Studio and import that to Unity, or even better, you can use our Rokoko Studio Live plugin to stream your data directly onto your custom character in Unity. Read on to find out how Go to the Window menu and click on Animation. This will open the animation window In the animation window, click the Create button in the middle of the window. A window will come up asking you to specify a filename Just like in Photoshop, Unity will play each of these animations one at a time, to create an illusion of motion. We could import each frame one by one, but that becomes messy and time consuming. Instead, create a new document large enough to fit all of our frames of animation. Our goal is, to pack all of these frames into the smallest, relatively square image possible. It is essential that there isn't any overlapping, and that each character has their own unbroken, rectangular section on the. Right now, there is no way to export bezier animations directly. You could, theoretically, export your animations by binding your animation to an armature, exporting the armature to Unity through FBX, and using a plugin like Bezier Mesh to render the curve and parenting it's controls to your imported mesh. This is pure speculation on my part, though

For an animation to work in Unity you need: 1.) an Animator component assigned to your gameObject 2.) an Animation Controller asset 3.) an animation clip(s) The Animator component needs to have the Animation Controller dragged to it's 'Controller' field in the Inspector window. An Avatar is required in the 'Avatar' Inspector field (usually autocreated on import) Then as long as you've dragged. When I import it into Unity, it imports as a sequence, of course, but when I apply it to the scene, it shows all of the images. I think I could convert them into movies..but I might lose the alpha and I suspect that a ton of movies would be expensive. I've tried making a prefab with it, but that did nothing. Totally lost, and any help is greatly appreciated. 3 comments. share. save. hide. Unity will show a dialog for naming the new animation clip. This is a useful shortcut for: creating new game objects; assigning two components (a Sprite Renderer and an Animator) creating animation controllers (and linking the new Animator component to them) creating animation clips with the selected frame 2) Go to the Unity installation folder and locate the Unity-BlenderToFBX.py file in Data/Tools/, replace line 43 by bake_anim_use_all_actions=True Blender file import actually just runs Blender in background and exports the file to FBX then imports it. The FBX exports settings can be changed in this file Find this & more animation tools on the Unity Asset Store. Sprint into Spring Sale ends soon: save 50% on top assets before time runs out! Assets. Tools. Services. By Unity. Industries. Sale. Cart. Applications. Cancel. Over 11,000 5 star assets. Rated by 85,000+ customers. Supported by 100,000+ forum members. Home . Tools. Animation. BVH Tools. This content is hosted by a third party provider.

Unity - Manual: Importing humanoid animation

  1. Importing Unreal Animations to Unity - Humanoid Rig Issues. Question. So I've been trying to find some nice dash/dodge animations, and I found a great pack on Unreal. I downloaded the engine and exported all of the animations as FBX files and got them into Unity just fine. The problem happens when I create a humanoid rig for the files and then try to use any model other than the Unreal model.
  2. imizes the differences between the source animation and how it appears in Unity. There.
  3. Animations are stored in the scene's transform root objects. Use this when animating anything that has a hierarchy. Bake Animations: Enable this when using IK or simulation in your animation package. Unity will convert to forward kinematics on import. This option is available only for Maya, 3dsMax and Cinema4D files. Animation Wrap mode: The.
  4. Drop the model into your Unity scene, then open up the Animator. Click the dropdown under the record button and select [Create New Clip]. To show and hide your cube, go to the appropriate frame of the animation, then enable/disable its Mesh Renderer. This will automatically add a keyframe to the animation clip
  5. After importing in unity, the script only plays the animation in runtime which is limiting our scope to access the script and the animation in unity editor. Also it breaks the animation for each part of the character separately. For example: hand has a separate animation component while body has a separate animation component. While we need a single animation component on the whole character object

How to Import Animations to Unity3D - YouTub

Then in Unity Import a new Asset and choose the.blend file. When you click the imported object in the folder structure you'll have 3 tabs in the inspector, one of them will be Animations. You can then cut the animations to your liking and control them with an animation controller This new animation technique is very similar to what is used in 3D animation. In this tutorial, we're going to focus on bone-based animation. However, note that Unity does not do true bone-based animation, so we will simulate it. Preparing The Sprite For Animation. Drag the sprite file to the editor and drop it on the Sprites folder, like so The built-in Unity FBX Importer provides support for: Hierarchies Materials Textures Stingray PBS shaders Cameras Animation and animated custom properties (when present in the FBX file) The Unity FBX Exporter is available in Preview via the Package Manager from versions 2018.3 and up. The FBX Exporter package makes it smooth and easy to send geometry and animation from Unity 2017.3 or later. When you import files containing animation that come from external sources, the imported files usually contain keyframe A frame that marks the start or end point of a transition in an animation. Frames in between the keyframes are called inbetweens. See in Glossary animation in Euler format. Unity's default behavior is to resample these animations as Quaternion values and generate a new. Importing an FBX file into Unity with Textures. Tutorial posted about 3 years ago. by virt3d. Today, we will easily show you how to import an FBX 3D file into Unity 3D and also get the textures to display properly for you. Create New/Open Existing Project. Open Unity and either create a new project or open your already existing project: Select the FBX Asset. Click on Assets Menu, then select.

Use the Project View in Unity. Right-click to import FBX exported from 3DXchange5 and move the file into your right folder. You can then manage models as assets in Unity3D. e.g. Horse only contains bone skin mesh. Horse_Pesade only contains animation. Drag the asset into scene and select animation clip. Drag Assets into the 3D view or Hierarchy view to build your scene in Unity3D. You can. In my last post, I've started a new series of posts related to 2D animations for Unity3D with a short introduction to Unity3D Mecanim. Today is time to import some sprite sheets into Unity and try to get an animation from them. I personally love crafting my own sprite sheets by hand, I feel my 2D animations much more under control, but for this article I'm using a finished sprite sheet. If. Just download this script AnimatedTile and put it into your project, then you can find AnimatedTile at Create > Tiles > Animated Tile.. In case you don't want to click the link, I copy the script for you. using System; #if UNITY_EDITOR using UnityEditor; #endif namespace UnityEngine.Tilemaps { /// <summary> /// Animated Tiles are tiles which run through and display a list of sprites in sequence This wouldn't be a big deal if this info had come out when Mecanim was released, but even now the unity docs on importing models and animation don't have any of this very important info (no root in hierarchy; 1 spine only; rotate forearm from elbow/no twist bone; no translation). Wish I'd known that 6 months ago when I was rigging and skinning and didn't have a small library of. Now, re-import the FBX file into Unity, re-rig the animation and try the preview again. Hopefully the avatar will be standing up, facing the camera. You may have to experiment with different rotation and axes settings before you get it right. Once you've built up a library of animation clips in Unity, you can then use the MecAnim Animator component to act as a state control mechanism to.

How to Import and Animate FBX file on Unity 5 - YouTub

  1. But natively importing project files from Blender and Maya is easy with Unity. To import Blender assets into Unity, click Assets > Import New Asset on the Unity menu bar, then find and open your .blend file. To use Maya files in Unity, click Assets > Import New Asset on the Unity menu bar, and look for and open Maya's .fbx file
  2. In this workflow, you'll learn about baking animation. Baking is a necessary step to be able to export your animations as FBX. This is because control rigs contain Maya specific nodes that are not compatible with FBX. Therefore we must bake our animation onto just the nodes that are compatible with FBX: joints and blendshapes
  3. Where is the option to disable the 'Play Automatically' function for animations in Unity3d 4.5.1. In previous versions, there was a button under the Animation tab to disable the play automatically: But now in Unity3d 4.5.1, there is no 'Play Automatically' checkbox, instead this is here: If anyone knows how to disable the play automatically in this version of Unity, I would really appreciate.
  4. Find this & more animation tools on the Unity Asset Store. Sprint into Spring Sale ends today: Last chance to save 50% and score extra savings with coupon code SPRING2021. Assets. Tools. Services. By Unity. Industries. Sale. Cart. Applications. Cancel. Over 11,000 5 star assets. Rated by 85,000+ customers. Supported by 100,000+ forum members. Home. Tools. Animation. Tween. 1/3. Overview.
  5. Creating a Single Frame Animation using Unity 4.3 2d Workflows; Getting Started. First we need some artwork, I am generally a huge fan of opengameart.org so we'll use some artwork from there today. This particular spritesheet was done as part of the Liberated Pixel Cup on opengameart.org, the artist is Skyler Robert Colladay, with the entry, FeralFantom's Entry. Lets start a new Unity.

Unity is the ultimate game development platform. Use Unity to build high-quality 3D and 2D games, deploy them across mobile, desktop, VR/AR, consoles or the Web, and connect with loyal and enthusiastic players and customers From Blender to Unity import animations correctly and fix problems with location, rotation and scale. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. To add a profile picture to your message, register your email address with Gravatar.com. To protect your email address, create an account on BlenderNation and log in when posting a message. Receive our daily news roundup via email. Notify me of followup comments via. Added new scripting function Animator.Rebind(). You can use this function to manually rebind the animator data set to unity when you change something in your GameObject hierarchy. For humanoid rigs, in the importer, you can specify a transform node that will be used as root motion for an animation clip. The transform node will replace the automatically extracted root motion computed by Mecanim. We had to make it easy for Géraud, our illustrator, to design as much as possible in Photoshop, and bring it effortlessly to Unity, animation-ready. The basic idea: he draws as usual in Photoshop, using as many layers/groups/etc as he needs, and when importing the PSD files in Unity we extract each layer into a PNG, as well as the extra data (layer size, position, and depth, mostly) Find this & other Animations options on the Unity Asset Store. Elevate your workflow with the RPG Character Mecanim Animation Pack asset from Explosive. Find this & other Animations options on the Unity Asset Store. Sprint into Spring Sale ends tomorrow: Get 50% off top assets and score extra savings with coupon code SPRING2021. Assets. Tools. Services. By Unity. Industries. Sale. Cart.

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import animations - Unity Answers. Unity is the ultimate game development platform. Use Unity to build high-quality 3D and 2D games, deploy them across mobile, desktop, VR/AR, consoles or the Web, and connect with loyal and enthusiastic players and customers. Unity. Services Separately, you can use the free preset animations from Unity or purchase animation packages from the Unity Asset Store. Open Unity. Since this tutorial is about importing an animated character, we won't get into the specifics about Unity. Let's open Unity by starting a new project. Tip: Unity understands the T-Pose, so before importing your character, aim to save him in a default T-pose.

Removing read-only from Animation Clips? - Unity Foru

  1. What I'm trying to do is use my multiple animation files (run forward, backwards, sideways right, sideways left, and idle) on the placeholder character. I was able to bake and export the forward run file into FBX format from Maya, and import it into Unity. So I currently have the character in Unity with a single animation associated with it. My question is this: Where do I go from here in order to get the other animation files from Maya associated with the character I now have in Unity? Is.
  2. e the skeletal configuration of a rigged model imported in Unity and then recompute it into a general template it can interpret. This template is called the avatar. Once an avatar has been created, other animation clips can be targeted to that same avatar. This is how multiple animation clips are linked to a single character model in Unity
  3. g confusing. So I guess either I am doing it wrong in blender or the automatic import in unity is incorrect
  4. Go to File > Import > FBX; When importing the fbx make sure to . Select your fbx file; Select armature in Import FBX option Area; Select automatic bones orientation; Select import If it's not working as expecting, play around the primary and secondary bones options, but usually, if your fbx is working in unity, the automatic option will do it for you

Unity - Manual: Mas

(the top photo is the .blend file, and the bottom is after its imported into unity) i'm really confused about this whole process, i have 5 animations that i want to import for my character, but no matter what i try, .blend or .fbx, it only imports the typing one. if i save the .blend file while the armature is posed in one of the other ones it will import the typing animation as well as the. A step-by-step procedure on how to play an animation. Import the 3D model; Import the animation (or create it inside Unity) Create an Animator Controller and configure it to have a trigger parameter. Utilize the component Animator in a script to activate the trigger create on 3 If you have set your animation import setting on your character to legacy, you can't use an animator component with them. Legacy animations use the animation component and are not retargetable, meaning they are contained to the model they were imported on. The other two import settings generic and humanoid both use the animator component, but only the humanoid option allows you two share animations between different models In animation clip, body transform might move relative to animation scene world space, but what Unity does, it computes this offset every frame, and then applies it to game object as movement instead, and what they don't say - removes it from root node. By toggling Root Transform Position (XZ), Bake into pose on, you'll see that this process is reversed, and you'll see your character sprint. Learn More. Import and Configure an Animated 3D Character in Unity. In this one-hour, project-based course, you'll learn how to import and configure a 3D character that has been animated in a 3D modeling software, like Autodesk Maya or Blender

Importing Game Characters in Unity for 2D Animation - YouTub

Unity 2D, 2D Toolkit, and Spine are probably your best bets out of the 10 options considered. Sprite Sheet and Bone based animation supported is the primary reason people pick Unity 2D over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision Now when application will be running and when you will press A button then animation will be played in reverse direction. Reverse Animation Play with Animation Component. Your animation clip should be marked as legacy, if you want to play that using animation component. Attach following script to your game object. At start, animation will play in forward direction and when you will press A button then it will play in backward direction

How to Import Mixamo Characters and Animation in Unity3D

Import animation to Unity Engine character. Pre-request. There are some basic concepts and steps you need to understand before diving into Animcraft for UE. Animcraft Main Window UI and Usage; Mapping Character; Instructions . Extract Character. Extract Unity character to Animcraft. Make sure Animcraft main window is running. In Unity menu, click Animcraft > Connect Animcraft to connect Unity. Just use the model and animate it. MMD also possible, animate on MMD then export to VMD and then import to Unity and then convert VMD using PMX2FBX, but this will require you to reimport your converted FBX. To animate with 3D software, export the animation clip as FBX and then import to unity. On Import setting, choose Standard to Humanoid. You'll able to retarget your Imported FBX with animated FBX. Also remember to make the Animation Controller stuff, or else you'll see nothing Step 4: Import animations into Unity - Open Unity Engine - Create/open your project - Drag the FBX to the project resources tab

Pixelart Animation Importer for Unity - GitHu

unity - Unwanted left-right rotation in run animationBlender and Unity - Rigify and FBX Import Export - YouTubeMaking Real-Time Great Again: A Q&A with Denys AlmaralXsens Releases New Real-time Character Plug-in for UnitySanta Sleigh Reindeer 3D Model - Realtime - 3D Models World[v3Jigsaw puzzle - Creator Kit - Free Download | Unity Asset

Animation clips are what make up the brunt of your Unity animation. These are internal or external files placed into Unity to create animation. These animation clips are an easier way of pinning applicable animations together to create a cohesive whole. Once clips are imported or created within the engine, we move onto animation controllers. Help, can't import animation into unity. I have a character with a run cycle in 3ds max, the character is using a custom rig (bone tool, fins, IK,FK etc.) the character is importing into unity but not the animation, also in the inpector, the bake animation option is grayed out. this is all so confusing and getting really frustrating Select the Animation panel and click on Create. Name you animation DoorOpen and save it in the Asset folder. Similarly make another animation called DoorClosed and save it. Select the created animation files one by one and uncheck the Loop Time option. Now pay attention to this point as it is the step that creates magic. Select the DoorOpen animation in the Animation panel. You wills see a time line. This is called the Dopesheet (maybe cuz its 'dope'.... I don't. A tutorial for beginners in Unity animation and game dev. Jesse Goerzen. Apr 5, 2020 · 9 min read. This blog post is the follow up to a presentation I did for my class on the basics of animating. Being a state of the art game engine, it supports everything you might need when it comes to character animation including compression. The relevant FBX Importer and Animation Clip documentation is very sparse. It's worth mentioning that Unity 5 is a closed source software and as such, there is some amount of uncertainty and speculation

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